Why am I ineligible for Vision Correction?

June 11, 2022

Why am I ineligible for Vision Correction

Vision Correction or laser eye surgery is always a better choice for people who dream to get their freedom from glasses. Lasik treatment is the basic and foremost choice to remove the spectacles.

But, the main thing is “am I eligible for Lasik eye surgery?”. The answer is “It depends on your eye health condition and complications”.

Yes, your eye health is the decision-maker for you to undergo laser treatment. Typically, the topography of an eye differs from individual to individual. So, it greatly depends.

Eye Examination

Without knowing and examining your eye, it is practically impossible to say that you are eligible or ineligible for laser eye treatment.

Do not worry! If you decided to take laser treatment, ophthalmologists will do a complete eye examination and other associated tests before your surgery.

The test result helps the eye doctor to come to a conclusion about whether you are suitable for eye surgery. This is the basic and standard procedure for people choosing laser eye treatment.

Reasons for ineligibility

You may be wondering what is the reason why you are not recommended for eye surgery. The reason for the rejection differs from case to case. We would like to bring you the kind notice about the reason for ineligibility.


If you’re suffering from or you do have a chance of contracting Keratoconus eye illnesses, you are unsuitable for laser eye surgery. Keratoconus is an eye illness where the cornea is irregular which worsens the eye health when LASIK surgery is carried out.


When you are under 18 years old, you are definitely ineligible for laser treatment and surgery. The quality vision may or may not change when the candidate is about to surpass the age of 18. Due to these reasons, laser eye surgeries are no longer recommended.

Unstable Vision

This is one of the main reasons that you are not suitable for vision correction. The rapid changes in your vision lead to the recurring spectacle needs, though Lasik surgery is done. Hence, if your spectacle power is unstable for at least one year then you’re not the right fit.

Severe Dry Eyes

Yes, severe dry eyes worsen eye health. When eyes are unable to segregate enough lubrication, the addition of surgery leads to a serious eye infection. So, if you have dry eyes, make sure your ophthalmologists know about your eye condition.

The Bottom Line

We strongly advise you to take a comprehensive eye examination before you are undergoing Lasik eye surgery. Sri Eye Care is featured with smart Lasik eye care facilities to treat you and revive back your crystal clear vision. We hope that now you have clarity on why your eye health condition is not suitable for laser eye surgery.