Congenital Glaucoma

Congenital Glaucoma

Glaucoma can also occur even from birth. This variety is known as Childhood Glaucoma. The disease occurs due to non-development of the drainage channels for aqueous humor in the eye. This can result in very high IOP leading to damage to the optic nerve. The high IOP can also damage the surrounding structures in the eye such as the Cornea and Lens. Babies suffering from Congenital Glaucoma can exhibit

  • Right ArrowWatery Eyes
  • Right ArrowIntolerance to bright lights
  • Right ArrowLarge looking eyes
  • Right ArrowDiscoloration or loss of sheen of the central clear Cornea

Congenital Glaucoma has to be identified and Glaucoma Treatment needs to be started early to prevent permanent vision loss. Treatment usually involves Glaucoma Surgery wherein the non-draining channels are opened to promote drainage of the aqueous humor. Early Glaucoma Surgery in these babies prevents further damage to the structures of the eye including the lens, cornea, sclera and optic nerve.

Congenital Glaucoma Treatment
Causes & Symptoms of Glaucoma

Symptoms of Glaucoma

Patients of Glaucoma do not experience any symptoms of vision loss even until the end stage of the disease. This can falsely prevent patients from seeking help until the very end. Hence it is extremely important to diagnose this condition and initiate Glaucoma Treatment at the earliest to mitigate the extent of the Optic Nerve Damage. However, some patients may experience non-specific symptoms unrelated to vision loss.

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