Secondary Glaucoma

Secondary Glaucoma

These are caused by a variety of eye conditions which ultimately result in a rise in the Intraocular Pressure [IOP] leading to the damage of the optic nerve. Causes of Secondary Glaucoma include

  • Right ArrowInjury to the eye
  • Right ArrowNeglected Cataract
  • Right ArrowInflammation in the eye [Uveitis]
  • Right ArrowAdvanced diabetic Eye Disease
  • Right ArrowNeovascular Glaucoma
  • Right ArrowDrug intake such as steroid medications


Diagnosis is made by detecting the presence of optic nerve damage as well as identifying the cause of the disease.

Secondary Angle Glaucoma Treatment


The primary objective of Secondary Glaucoma Treatment is to treat the main reason which is causing the IOP to increase in the eyes. Your doctor may also prescribe you medications to keep the IOP within normal limits either until the eye condition causing the rise in IOP is treated or for a longer period of time if required. Sometimes Glaucoma Treatment in the form of a Primary Glaucoma Surgery may benefit in some cases where medical management fails. Glaucoma Surgery for conditions such as Neovascular Glaucoma usually have a high failure rates and hence may require the placement of shunts or implants to further lower IOP.

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